Must-haves for New Moms

Here it is! My list of products that have made the first month with a baby SO much smoother. There have been items I have purchased along the way as I have needed them and I've put them all into one place for you. These are things I have used DAILY and would highly recommend picking up for yourself or as a gift for new moms.

I have separated this into two lists. One for items for mom (there are things you'll need to help make life easier) and things for baby. All these products have been essential in my day-to-day and I hope will help you too!

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• Multiple nursing tank tops - These have been great for undershirts and affordable
• Cute loungewear - This robe for late nights and cute pj's for around the house
• Scrunchies or no show hair ties for quickly throwing your hair up
• Stay hydrated with a water bottle (NOT twist-off as your hands will be busy)
• Refreshing face wipes as washing your face won't happen often
• Under-eye patches to help erase some of the sleepless nights
• Relieve some tension from picking up your baby and get a neck and back massager
• Food delivery gift cards or meals - Door Dash has been a lifesaver recently
• Chapstick - keep those lips hydrated from all the baby-kissing you'll be doing
• My hands have been super dry from all the diaper changes - baby-friendly Hand lotion is essential
• Keep germs away and have small bottles of hand sanitizer around the house


• It's great to be able to put them down for a minute to grab something - The Boppy Lounger is great
•The womb is loud so a white noise machine (one with a night light) is essential for night time
• Hudson won't sleep in his Moses bassinet... so we picked up a Summer infant co-sleeper bassinet and we can finally catch some z's
• We have dry winters so a humidifier is key - we have this one
• Hudson wouldn't sleep and would wake himself up before we got this swaddle - Swaddle UP 
• Wipes warmer - keeps wipes warm so the baby isn’t startled by something cold wiping on their bum
• This is definitely essential - the Baby bum brush - like a spatula for wiping on diaper cream without getting your hands in there
• Baby Katan wrap - great for getting things done around the house
• Baby’s nails are sharp! Don’t fuss with nail clippers and get a baby nail filer 
• No one likes a stinky diaper - the Diaper Genie is a game-changer