My Birth Story

The past 4 weeks have flown by so quickly, I'm finally getting around to sharing my birth story. First off, let me start off by thanking everyone for the kind messages, love and support that has been sent our way since Hudson entered the world. I am so grateful for the community that we have around us both online and offline.

Alright, where to begin. Our due date was December 16th and Hudson was too comfortable and ended up being 10 days late, with his offical birthday being December 26th. We wanted him to come on his own terms, but I ended up getting induced on the morning of December 26th at the hospital. They then sent us home to wait for contractions to start. Our birth plan was to have him at BC Women's Hospital with the help of our doula Raman from Divine Childbirth and the team at Pomegranate Midwifery. Thankfully that still did happen!

After returning home from being induced at 8am my contractions came on pretty strong. I attempted to have a nap before things got to intense and managed to get a bit of sleep before my body started working hard. Around 1pm my contractions were pretty strong, about 30 seconds long every 3 minutes. They started out feeling like bad menstrual cramps and then kept getting more intense. At around 3pm our doula came over and started helping me work through the pain. The tens machine was a lifesaver during contractions and I ever managed to have some dinner between waves. Our doula also made me a beautiful bath with essential oils which really kicked things into high gear.

At around 6pm we decided it was time to head to the hospital. At that time I was in quite a bit of pain and discomfort and it was the longest car ride I have ever experienced. We were then checked into the hospital and brought to a room to see how dialated I was - 5cm at the time, so they had me walk upstairs to the labour and delivery ward. During that walk I went from 5 to 10cm dialated and it was go time.

I ended up delivering without any drugs or an epidural as there was no time to spare. Hudson's heart rate would spike each time I would have a contraction and it turns out he was quite wrapped up in the umbilical cord. Overall I was in active labour for under 4 hours and didn't need any intervention in delivering him. At 8:08pm on December 26th Hudson Joseph Pel entered the world at 8lbs 4oz!

Our birth team was amazing and have been absolutely fantastic throughout the whole process. We wouldn't have been able to do it without them!