Preventative Aging with Silk'n Titan

As I get older, I continue to look for remedies to fight aging. I don't have many wrinkles yet as I'm only in my late 20's, but there's no better time to start using products to prevent aging. Since I plan to age gracefully, I currently use a handful of different skincare products to help with wrinkles, texture and pigmentation including retinol, hyluronic acid and vitamin c.

I was approached by Silk'n to try out the Silk'n Titan anti-aging device I wasn't sure what to expect. I have never done any type of spa treatment for aging other than my typical skincare routine. I wondered if this little device would be able to pack a punch and live up to its promises.

The Silk'n Titan is meant to seek out damaged skin tissue and strengthen it. It uses Bi-Polar RF energy, LED light energy and IR heat energy to stimulate cell renewal and produce collagen. You can use the Titan on all areas of the face and neck to naturally repair your skin from the inside out. It feels like a warm massage for your face.

The technology behind the device is solid and I was excited to try it out! For my first treatment, I targetted my smile lines and cheeks. I immediately noticed that my skin was tighter and the texture was more radiant. I have been using the Silk'n Titan on a regular basis to smooth out my skin and I'm so excited to have discovered this awesome device!

* This post was sponsored by Silk'n, but all opinions are my own


Suzan Baker said…
I am not really sure these things work. I am skeptical about this.
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Patricia Carter said…
There is no person who does not need help with smile line.
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