My Favourite Functional Accessories

I am fairly selective and when it comes to the accessories I choose to wear. You will never find me wearing a chunky necklace with massive earings and a flashy clutch. Mostly because that's not my style, but also because if it doesn't serve a purpose I likely won't be caught wearing it. I believe that accessories can be minimalistic, yet still make a statement.

I have decided to round up some of my favourite cute and functional accessories to share with you!


First up are watches! I love a watch that makes a subtle statement and adds to an outfit. When I was younger I remember a few of my friends had Daniel Wellington watches and I admired how cute yet clasy they were. Fast foward to this last year and I was gifted the Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Ashfield watch. I love how dainty and versitile it is and that I can easily tell time without pulling out my phone!

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One of my other watches that I wear on the daily is my Apple watch. My husband gifted me an Apple Watch for Christmas (thanks babe) and I am still discovering the amazing features. It helps me track my workouts and so much more! I discovered Case Station recently and was able to customize a fashionable watch strap for my Apple watch! Check them out!

Here are some of my favourite watches:


I carry my computer with me everywhere so I need something a bit bigger than a tote for my day to day. I like a bag that is big enough to hold all of the essentials: water bottle, camera, computer and lipgloss. I think purses can be a huge asset to any outfit and help us to carry all of the necessities. The bag I have been using recently is the Portovino wine purse, which also has an insulated pouch to insert a bag of wine... I've been carrying this everyday (sans wine) and it is a fantastic bag and gift! See below for more of my top bag choices:


I have been wearing glasses for the last five years. My day job is for online eyewear provider and managing influencer relationships. I have acquired a plethora of glasses which totally helps up my eyewear game. Glasses are still an under appreciated accesory and can make or break your look. I think glasses and sunglasses are the ultimate functional fashion accessory as they serve two different purposes: for protection and for style. As an eyewear expert, I've included some of my favourite affordable glasses frames:


Our phones have become a part of our outfits as we have our faces glued to them for majority of our waking hours. A phone case is essential in not only protecting our most coveted accessory, but also for style. I usually have 2 iPhone cases in rotation at any given time.

What are your favourite accessories that serve a functional purpose? I would love to hear what you can't live without in the comments!

*Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this post. I was gifted some of the items on this list, but all opinions are my own.
Rajlakshmi said...

I don't like chunky jewellery either... I love the ones that look delicate and minimal. Loved the watches... They look pretty cool.

casecustom said...

Yuor cases are amazing. I really like its colors. Lively and fresh. How can I get it?

caseformula said...

I love your ipad case. The colors are my favorite.

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