The Internet's 3 Best Kale Recipes

Image courtesy of Cup of Jo

Having recently become a vegetarian, I've found myself being a lot more mindful of what I put in my body. I often question if I am getting all the proper nutrients that I need. I find myself on Pinterest all too often, checking out the latest kitchen trends and healthy recipes.

I keep finding myself coming back to kale. Not only is it so good for you, when it's cooked properly it can be so tasty!! Here are a few of my favourite kale recipes I've tested and loved from Pinterest.

Image courtesy of Eat Yourself Skinny

1. Roasted Chick Pea Kale Salad by Eat Yourself Skinny

Ok... wow! This salad is literally the best salad I've ever had! The heartiness of the kale pairs with the citrus in the dressing perfectly. I added some sunflower seeds and dried cranberries for a touch of sweet/savoury

* I would recommend whipping up some extra dressing, it's THAT good! *

Image courtesy of Naturally Ella 

2. Turmeric Rice with sautéed onions, coconut kale and pistachios by Naturally Ella

I've been on the turmeric train lately! Not only does it help prevent cancer by fighting free radicals to help maintain healthy cells, it acts as a liver cleanser (for those who, like me, can drink a little too much wine sometimes) and it even promotes beautiful, healthy skin to name just a few.

I was so excited to try this recipe and it was so tasty! The coconut kale blends perfectly with the turmeric rice topped with the crunch of the cashews and coconut. I cooked my kale a little longer than Ella recommends and added some steamed broccoli on top!

Image courtesy of A cup of Jo

3. Goat Cheese, Kale, Caramelized Onion Fettuccine by Amy Chaplin's At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen 

As a child, I remember I really didn't like goat cheese. HOW? It's so good! And this pasta, delicious! I found this recipe featured on A Cup of Jo and there's no wonder why it's getting so much hype. It looks amazing and tastes just as good! I think I literally had 3 helpings. I would highly recommend checking out the recipe here.

I hope you all get to try out a new recipe and find something that you really like! I know these have become staples in our home. Leave a comment and let us know how you did with these recipes OR if you have another kale recipe you'd recommend! 

Xo Emily