The Best Summer Frosé Recipe

Frosé, the it-drink of the summer. First Cactus Club launched theirs, then Joey and then many other restaurants were trying their hands at their own version of the ever popular summer sipper. Here I wanted to show you just how easy it is to make your own version of this tasty cocktail and even sweeten it up a little with a homemade rhubarb vanilla syrup. 

I found some fresh rhubarb at the grocery store and was instantly taken back in time to memories of cutting rhubarb stalks from my Grandma's garden, racing up to the kitchen to dip it in some sugar and savouring every last bite of it's tart goodness. 

I was so excited to make this rhubarb into a sweet syrup with fresh vanilla bean to add into my frosé! It was really easy and you'll be left with some sweet rhubarb jam for the next day's french toast or oatmeal.

**Not pictured here is the rosé I had carefully poured into ice cube trays the night before to freeze. This is a must and is key to having a frozen slushy bevy that doesn't get watered down by ice** 

I used Carlo Rossi's rosé for wine. It was inexpensive, tasty and got the job done! Next, I added everything into my very vintage Value Village blender, gave it a blend and it's done! Because of the alcohol in the wine it doesn't fully freeze so you're left with the perfect slushy consistency.  

I picked up some edible flowers at my local farmers market to make them look as good as they taste! Feel free to garnish them how you'd like, a simple lemon rind from the left over lemon works nicely too. 

If you don't have time or the means to make the syrup, your frosé will still be tasty without it. Simply add your frozen rosé and lemon juice to your blender, blend and serve. 

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