How to Make Wine at Home with Craft A Brew

Have you ever found yourself sipping on a glass of vino wondering how the heck they turn grape juice into this tasty alcoholic beverage? We had questions of our own until we were gifted these Craft A Brew wine making kits! We were super excited to try making wine and document the process! Not only do the kits make it super easy, but it was also so much fun to do together! We chose the pinot grigio and cabernet sauvignon kits, which make 5 bottles each. Keep reading to see more from our at-home winemaking experience!

This Craft a Brew kit includes everything you need to feel like a wine making pro! Jug, juice, equipment and instructions, the process is user-friendly and super easy to follow along.

One of the first steps is to add some of the contents into the large 1-gallon jug they provided.

Be careful not to spill any of your wine to be!

 Chanel caught me sniffing the oak chips and we couldn't help but giggle. As a sommelier, I smell everything!! I'm always trying to pick up new scents to identify in wines.

We sealed everything up in order to give it a good shake! 

This was a great project to work on together! It was a fun refresher for me to walk through the wine making process.

Finally, we added the oak chips and sealed our wine up for fermentation. Now for the hard part, waiting. The wine must sit and ferment for 30 days before bottling (and drinking)!

We will be updating this post to let you know how we make out after clarifying and bottling our wine. Keep your eyes peeled! 

xo. Em