Blueberry Sour Cream Pie Recipe

Mmmmm pie! You may have noticed a few more than normal food pics popping up on our instagram lately. Why, you might ask? That's because we're super excited to launch a new food section on A Glass of Style! I hope you brought your appetite because it's about to get tasty up in here! 

I've been exploring my newfound passion for cooking and baking and am super excited to not only share it with all of you, but to learn, grow and discover with you all as well. Not every recipe turns out as planned but each crispy cookie, soggy loaf and burnt cake is an opportunity to learn. I hope that here together we can celebrate our successes and laugh at our mistakes! 

So welcome to our new food section! To kick it off I'm sharing my favourite summer pie recipe with you! 

This is the perfect pie for a nice summer occasion. You can serve it warm or chilled and it's delicious either way. If you can manage to save any leftovers, I prefer to eat this pie fresh out of the fridge on day 2.

Who has time to make an entire pie from scratch! I used a prepackaged pie crust mix from Shirriff. It's really easy and helps speed up the process. Just add water and butter! 

Growing up in the Okanagan we always had so much fresh fruit around the house. I never truly appreciated it until I moved away from home. The pie looks so rich with all the blueberries mixed in! For my 2 1/2 cups I used a 600g package of frozen berries. This gave me juuuuust enough for the recipe! 

I always used to be a little sparse on my dusting flour and everything I'd roll out would stick to the counter! It was so frustrating. I've learned the hard way not to skimp out on the flour! Mind you, it still took me two tries to get this crust just right! 

Another trick I used to create perfect lines on top of my pie is a ruler! I took my metal ruler from my desk and cut my strips directly with the ruler's edge. It made for perfect lines and it was pretty easy to get them all more or less the same size. 

And violà! There you have it, a perfect summer pie! Don't be shy to turn on a quick broil to fully cook through the top crust and to caramelize that sugar. I added another quick dusting of sanding sugar to create that perfect pie sparkle (my favourite part ;) ) 

Check out the recipe below! Let us know what your favourite summer pie is in the comments!

xo Em

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