What's in My Bag - Travel Edition

I am one of those weird people that enjoy the excitement of airports and find people watching to be fascinating. When I travel I always overpack and usually end up bringing something for every season, you know just in case... My overpacking consists of being prepared for anything, which also includes what I put in my purse for on the plane. I definitely inherited this from my Mom, who always carries the most unexpected things in her purse.

I have started to narrow down what to bring with me on the plane early for this trip. I always end up travelling with a few things, some are essential and some are just my personal preference. I have included some of my absolute favourite things that can make a long flight a little more bearable!

A big bag 

You need something to hold all of your goodies and the right bag will make a huge difference. With all of the lineups and waiting around at the airport, my bag must be comfortable. It also needs to be big enough for a refillable water bottle and all the other stuff I lug with me. I have been using this purse I purchased at Nordstrom about a year ago and it has been the perfect size for everyday use and for travelling.

Water bottle

I'm not joking when I say I'm obsessed with my Swell water bottle. It is so well insulated that it keeps things cold (or hot) for HOURS. I'm always shocked when I take a drink out of it to realize my water is still cold. They also come in really cute patterns, I have a white one and a gold one.

Headphones & portable charger

I just came across this Adrienne Vittadini Studio Charging Wristlet Wallet at Winners and it is the perfect travel wallet. Not only does it have slots for your cards, but it also has a portable charger built right in! I'm excited to give it a spin on my flight. Don't forget to bring your headphones for in-flight entertainment or to listen to tunes!

Reading material

Normally I grab a trashy magazine for my flights, but I have really enjoyed getting lost in a good book lately. I enjoy starting a book on the plane and then it becomes what I read on the beach as well.  I have yet to read anything by Mary Kay Andrews, but I recently picked up The Weekenders: A Novel and can't wait to open it!

Saje Pocket Pharmacy

I'm a huge believer in natural products. I offer up my Peppermint Halo to anyone that says they have a headache (I swear it's magic). I carry the Saje Pocket Pharmacy with me everywhere and the Stress Release comes particularly in handy when travelling becomes stressful.

Some of my other items you'll find in my bag are:

Chewing gum
Granola bars
Eye drops
Hand lotion

Don't forget to add all your favourite music to offline mode and more importantly your passport! 

What do you like to bring with you when you travel? 
Tell us in the comments below!

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