Eat, See, Do - Bali


Bali is a big island in Indonesia that's recently gained a lot of attention as a vacation hot spot! If I could've stayed there forever I would've. Unfortunately for me, I only spent a limited amount of time in the small surfers town of Canggu. It was the sweetest little town full of locals and tourists alike buzzing around barefoot with their surfboards strapped to their scooters and their hair down blowing in the wind. 


There was sooooo much good food in Bali. I found it kind of hard to find authentic Balinese food in Canggu, as it's a pretty touristy town, but I did have some really good nasi goreng. On each street there's a spattering of healthy cafes serving fresh, healthy and holistic food. Below are some of the best dishes I had. 

A quinoa, halloumi veggie bowl at The Shady Shack

You must have a smoothie bowl at Gypsy Bali. Not only is the food amazing, but it's the cutest little restaurant!


There are a tonne of temples in and around Canggu. While it was interesting to see the contrast in styles from Thailand and Vietnam, this is not my first choice of what to see in Bali. Instead, I would check out the Monkey Forest! I took an uber about 40 minutes north east to Ubud to see the Monkeys.

Don't be fooled by their cute faces, they will steal your sunglasses, snacks, cameras or anything else right from your hands.

It was a beautiful park filled with walking paths, bridges, old growth trees and of course monkeys!! I would advise using caution when strolling through the park as the monkeys are known to grab bags, sunglasses, hair and food. I had a bag of chips ripped right out of my hands - even after I had left the park!


If you're in Canggu you must spend some time on their world class waves!  I stayed at Ayok's Stay and Surf which was in the perfect location and a beautiful guest house! Luckily for me, Ayok is also a surf instructor. I took a lesson from him and was a pro in no time!

I wish I had more time to explore more of this beautiful island. There's so much more to do and see! Overall my time in Bali was relaxing, enriching and the perfect way to end my two months abroad.

Thanks for reading my travel series! Come back in about a month to read about Chanel's time in Hawaii :)