How to Wear 90's Trends Now

We are throwing it back in today's post, so fasten your seatbelts! Picture the Spice Girls, Destiny's Child and Mariah Carey in the 90's. Yes, it's quite the mix, but they were our style icons while we were growing up. The trends that we remember the rockin' the most are from the late 90's. It's not easy to forget the crop tops, chokers, and high-waisted jeans that make up memories from our childhood.

Trends have evolved include mixing old with new. Some things we thought we would never wear again have made a comeback. If only we would have kept our chokers!

 We have rounded up our favourite items from the 90's and styled them into outfits that are perfect for 2017.

Boxy Jean Jackets & Embroidery

 Embroidery and patches are all over the place right now, especially when paired with denim. Floral embroidery is a feminine update from the moody patchwork look from 90's. 

 The boxy jean jackets our parents used to wear in the 70's made a comeback in the grunge era of the 90's and are back yet again! It's a trend that has become a classic. If only our parent's kept their retro Levi's jean jackets! In the mean-time we'll be on the hunt at our local vintage stores for the perfect jacket. 

Emily's denim on denim look is flirty yet casual paired with a white tee, choker and sneakers.  

"I'm obsessed with embroidery and oversized jean jackets. Especially the feminine flair that embroidery adds to denim" - Emily

Mom Jeans

The return of mom jeans is happening. We used to cringe at the thought of wearing mom jeans, probably due to the ill-fitting version worn by every mom in the 90's. Or possibly because of the amazing SNL skit (If you don't know what we're referring to, check it out here and thank us later).

We've grown accustomed to wearing our spandex infused skinny jeans, but non-stretch cotton denim is definitely back! A benefit to the mom jean trend is that they are high-waisted and accentuate hourglass figures.

One thing to note when choosing the perfect pair is that pocket placement is super important. If the pockets are too high they can make your plump rump look flatter than the prairies!

Chanel scooped these Topshop studded and ripped mom jeans for only $20 on sale!

"Play with rips, studs and other embellishments for a more modern take on the mom jeans trend." -Chanel

Emily's Outfit details
Moto Jean Jacket - Topshop
Embroidered denim skirt - Topshop
Choker - ChokersxEmily
Glasses -

Chanel's Outfit details
Moto Mom Jeans - Topshop
Trumpet Sleeved Blouse - Topshop
Choker - Ardene (sold out)
Glasses -

Photography by Connor McCracken


Unknown said…
Totally have been rocking all of these trends! Really love the embroidery on the denim! Was that DIY or pre-made?

I love all of this! Such a cute and perfect post!

Unknown said…
Oh the 90's! So fun to see these trends coming back.
Chanel Pel said…
They are so fun! These were pre-made from Topshop, but totally possible for a DIY!