Gifts Your Girlfriend's Won't Wine About

Christmas is approaching fast! If you are anything like the two of us you are most likely running around frantically searching out gifts for your family members and friends. We have the perfect solution to make your Christmas shopping a one-stop-shop this year! The gift we have in mind may not be suitable for children, but it is the perfect gift for your girlfriend who loves a big glass of Pinot Noir! Wine, it's the gift that keeps on giving! We have a list of different types of wine to suit the personalities of each of your friends. 

The Girly Girl

We all have that one friend who seems to spend hours doing her hair and makeup. This girl is all about pampering herself and usually loves anything pink. We recommend Cevennes Rosé "Les Fleurs du Mal" the bottle alone is enough to make her squeal. It's covered in flowers and the wine is the prettiest shade of pink. This wine tastes like watermelons and strawberries. Its medium bodied, rich and well balanced.

The Trendsetter

This friend is the girl that has all the cutest clothes and rocks all the newest trends with complete confidence. She likes to be in the know and is always one step ahead of the game. What better wine to get this friend than something from a boutique winery in a new up and coming wine region. Lodi, an hour and a half east of Napa has been harvesting grapes and selling to producers around California for years but has only recently started growing its reputation as a great wine region. Get her a bottle of zinfandel because they have some great old vines.  

The Workaholic

She loves her job but she also loves to unwind. For this girl I recommend a beautiful big full bodied Australian Cabernet Sauvignon or Shiraz. These wines will often have flavours of mint and eucalyptus that will leave this girl feeling like she just left the spa. Not to mention the flavours of big bold fruit like blackberries and blackcurrant will leave you dying for another glass..or bottle. 

The Fitness Lover

This friend is all about staying fit and healthy. We recently learned about what wines are better for you and which ones you should probably avoid. As much as we regret to tell you this, the less alcohol in a wine, the better it is for you. We recommend 10% abv or less for this friend. Also go for something with high tannins, dark colour and dry. Wines with high tannin and bold colour will definitely be higher in antioxidants. Whereas a wine's dryness is a direct testament to the residual sugar in the wine. We suggest a petite Syrah for this wineo.  

We at A Glass Of Style would like to wish you a Happy Holiday season filled with friends and family but most importantly, lots of great wine!! 

Merry Christmas from the Wine & Style sisters!


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