What Your Starbucks Drink Says About Your Taste in Wine

When we think of fall, what comes to mind is sweaters, Starbucks and crunchy leaves. If you frequent Starbucks as much as the two of us, you’ll likely have your favourite drink that you pick up every morning. If you’re a real die hard Starbucks'er your favourite barista might even have your daily cup of caffeine ready for you by the time you walk in the door every morning. In this post we’re going to explore what the contents of that coffee cup say about your taste in wine!

Blonde Roast- If you like to keep things simple you probably find yourself ordering a cup full of Blonde roast to kick start your day. We have a feeling that you might also enjoy a nice glass of pinot noir after a long day at the office. Pinot noirs are all about being light and easy. They will be light bodied with nice red fruit flavours like strawberry and raspberry and won’t dry out your mouth the way a big cab sauv might.

Pumpkin Spice Latte- There’s nothing like walking into Starbucks on September 1st only to realize fall has officially hit and you can finally enjoy a nice hot PSL. These lattes are all about warming up your heart with rich pumpkin flavors and a blend of baking spices. There’s no better wine to compare these flavours too than a big bold chardonnay. Full of ripe fruit flavors and toast nutty notes, sipping on the right chardonnay will have you dreaming of the nutmeg spice they sprinkle on top of your latte.

Americano- Drinking an Americano, black, is a surely way to put hair on your chest. You’re getting coffee in its purest; big, bold and strong. An Americano is considered to be the king of all coffees, much like Australian cabernet sauvignon is like queen of all red varieties.  Having grown in a generally warm climate these wines will be super full bodied, have mouth drying tannins and amazing black fruit flavours to top it all off.

Salted Caramel Mocha- Mmmm to combine savoury and sweet is a match made in heaven. Starbucks took it to a whole new level with this combination. Much like my favourite Italian wine, Brunello di Montalcino you might just get a little bit of sweet and savoury. In a good Brunello you’ll taste fruit like blackberries and cherries meanwhile flavours of cocoa and leather. If you like your wine as complex as your coffee, I’d highly recommend a nice Brunello.

Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino- If you’d prefer drinking a fruity, sweet and refreshing drink on your commute to work a S&C Frapp is for you. We would highly recommend picking up a nice rosé to tickle your sweet tooth but also to refresh your taste buds after a long day. Not all rosés are super sweet and there are some great dry options out there however, almost all will be bursting with strawberry and raspberry flavours.

We strongly suggest hitting up your local liquor store and to try out a few of our suggestions. Happy tasting!

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