If you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life

Today we are featuring our first Vancouver restaurant and funny enough it is also where I spend most of my time.

I have worked many different jobs; from scooping ice cream to pouring wine, my friends would often ask me, “Where haven’t you worked?” I will never forget the day my mom told me that she thought I would make a great server. I didn't believe her and more importantly, I didn't want to prove her right. Shortly after moving to Vancouver I was hired at Joey Bentall One as, you guessed it, a server. I was a little nervous to start, but with Joey’s amazing training program I caught on quick.

Firstly, let me give Joey a bit of a plug. How could someone not love a company who encourages integrity, having fun and being yourself? They are constantly investing in their staff and encouraging them to grow and learn. I have been here for just over 7 months and everyday I learn something new. Every day I am encouraged to treat my guests and give them irresistible experiences. This company is expanding quickly and I would recommend everyone to get involved and check out a Joey near you (We’re like everywhere).

    Joey Bentall is the perfect fit for me because we have a Wine Room with one of the largest wine by the glass selections in Vancouver. We have a different wine to please everybody’s unique palate. This room is a great asset to our restaurant because it’s a place to come to enjoy a flight of wine, chat with one of our 5 (almost) sommeliers and learn a thing or two about wine. The room is decorated with AK-47 lamps designed by renowned Phillipe Starck and gorgeous speakers made with more aluminum than an Audi A3 and dressed in 24 karat gold. I am able to come to work with a smile on my face knowing that I will be serving and talking about quality wines from around the world.

 Emily's picks from Joey's Wine List

Mitolo "The Jester" 2012 Mclaren Vale Shiraz
13.5% abv $12 per glass / $60 per bottle at Joey
I had to write about an Australian Shiraz as Chanel is a big fan. The Jester Shiraz is an excellent example of your traditional Australian Shiraz. It has a rich full body with a higher than normal alcohol, an aromatic nose with ripe cherry flavors. It has herbal notes such as eucalyptus and mint. It's the perfect example of a hot climate Shiraz.

Okanagan Crush Pad "Narrative White Blend" 2012
12.8% abv $9 per glass / $45 per bottle at Joey
Crush pad winery is from our hometown which is close to my heart. The Narrative white is a rich and juicy white blend of Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer and Pinot Blanc grown in Summerland, BC. It has light mineral flavors with stone fruits such as pear and nectarine. It would pair perfectly with Joey's sashimi tuna salad.

Emily no longer works for Joey Restaurants, but stands behind all of her opinions expressed in this post.