The Busy Girl's Guide to Hair Care

Calling me busy would be an understatement. Between working full time, planning a wedding and blogging, I barely have any time to do anything for myself. Finding time to get my hair done and pamper myself is also extremely difficult. Here my top tips for taking care of your hair when you just can't find time.

Go for ombre!
If you colour your hair opt for Ombre. If you're like me you probably don't have hours to spend at a salon. It's much more manageable than having to get your roots done every month. The ombre trend isn't going anywhere anytime soon as there are so many different variations of ombre. My stylist is the lovely Ashley at Suki's salon and she does a fabulous job with perfectly blending my ombre. The team at Suki's is fantastic and I always leave feeling prettier than when I walked in!

I can't come out tonight, I'm washing my hair...
Don't be the girl using this excuse. I'm a big fan of freshly blown dry hair, but who really has time to blow dry and style their hair every day? When you want to make your style last longer or if you just need to make it a little longer between washes try some dry shampoo! If you haven't heard of dry shampoo it's about to become your new best friend (you're welcome). There are so many different options on the market, but my personal favourite's are the Batiste in tropical fragrance, Dove Invigorating Dry Shampoo and the Pantene Pro-V Root Reboot for a little a bit of extra volume.

Brush it out!
I have pretty fine hair and it tends to get a little bit knotted during the day. Having a good brush that I can keep in my purse is essential. I recently picked up the Tangle Teezer (pictured below) and it has totally changed my life! It doesn't snag, it's compact, I can throw it in my gym bag and it's super easy to clean. For a girl on the go it's definitely a must have.

Silky smooth...
Being a blonde you need to take really good care of the ends of your hair. If you're using hot tools your hair is almost guaranteed to have fried split ends. I discovered Argan oil about four years ago and it has become a part of my every day routine. I spray it on my ends after I shower, before I style my hair and sometimes after if it's looking a little frizzy. I use One 'n Only Argan Oil in the spray bottle, which is super handy!

I hope these tips will help you during your busy everyday life. If you have any suggestions or tips feel free to share them with us in the comments!

*All products and opinions are based on my own personal experience's.