Fitness Shmitness

Finding the time to exercise can be very difficult. Sometimes I feel like I don't have enough time or motivation to squeeze in a work out. I go through phases of going to fitness classes a few times a week then fall right back into bad habits. I'm hoping that this post will be a kick in the butt to get back into the fit lifestyle that I crave.

Vancouver is one of the most active cities in the world and has hundreds of different fitness activities to choose from. This has allowed me to try out many different workout options over the years. I have put together a list of my favourite fitness activities that I have personally tried and loved. I hope it will inspire myself as well as yourself to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Here are my top picks for inexpensive and effective fitness solutions in the city.

1. Barre Fitness Classes
Barre fitness is a Ballet inspired workout that helps you achieved that toned dancers body you've always dreamed of. Many celebrities are raving about Bar and it's benefits. I have tried Bar Method and Barre Fitness in Vancouver. You do not need to be a dancer to enjoy these classes either. Both offer an amazing full body workout and I actually look forward to my next class. These two studios offer a discounted trial rate for the first two weeks/month of classes as well. Check out their websites for pricing and class schedules. If you would like to try out Barre at home to get a taste of what the workout entails check out the video below:

2. Spin Class
I was a little hesitant to go to spin classes as I have heard mixed reviews. Some people swear by it and some people hate it. I decided that I would try out a class and decide for myself. My Fiance, his sister Elysha and myself bought a Groupon in September for a place called Cyklus. Cyklus is an awesome studio! They turn down the lights and turn up the music, which for some reason makes me want to work out even harder. I love that they offer classes for beginners to experienced riders, so I can choose how intense I want my workout to be. Cyklus offers your first class for free and provide cycling shoes and a towel. Check out their website for class schedules.
3. Zumba
My mother that introduced me to Zumba in 2010. We decided to go to a class together after one of her friends was raving about how much fun it was. I used to take dance classes when I was younger so I figured it wouldn't be too difficult. I enjoyed it so much that I became an instructor and taught classes three nights a week for about a year. The best part about Zumba is that it's like going to a party where no one judges your dance moves. Everyone is too busy following along to care about what you're doing. There are always Groupons for Zumba classes. Check your local Groupon website to redeem!

4. BodyrockTV
During the summer I didn't have a gym membership and the gym in my apartment building was always smoldering hot. I had been following BodyrockTV on Facebook for a while and decided to try out one of their 30 day at home fitness challenges. They're videos are free and they have an awesome online community of people encouraging each other to succeed. They offer HIIT videos (High Intensity Interval Training) meaning the workouts are short, but pack a lot of punch. I stuck with the challenge the whole way through and felt INCREDIBLE afterwards. All of their challenges and videos are online and require minimal equipment. I highly recommend their workouts if you can't get to the gym.

5. Running
 I have never been a big fan of running. Unless I'm late for something you can very rarely catch me intentionally running. Things have changed a little and I have found myself trying to get outside more. Hey if it feels right I might run a little. I find it helps if I have my music blasting and I am only running in short spurts. It also helps if you have beautiful scenery!

  Shine on!