Jumbled July.

Just call me a bad blogger. I have my excuses for leaving my blog "post-less". It's summer and I've been either working my ass off or enjoying whatever sunshine Vancouver's skies bless us with. This summer we have been more than lucky with tons of sunshine and it has allowed me to ignore the weather man and to trust mother nature when picking my outfits. So here are a few of my favorite outfit's and instagram photos from July and beginning of August that I have found to be blog worthy.

 This is by far my favorite outfit of the summer. It's business casual chic in white, grey and nude. The light colour's accentuate my barely sun-kissed skin. This skirt has to be the best thing that has made its way into my closet all year. I also bought a black one because it is double lined and ultra comfortable. I found this grey skirt at Marshall's, the black one I purchased from TopShop. Top is from Boohoo.com. Nude heels from Aldo and Michael Kors glasses from Clearlycontacts.ca

I came across this skirt and necklace while on my lunch break at Forever 21. I had been looking for the ideal flowing skirt, but most looked frumpy. I was also looking for a skirt with slits (but not Angelina Jolie high slits) this fit the bill perfectly. Shoes also from Forever 21. Sunglasses and bracelets from Aldo. Same top pictured in first photo.

I will end this post with a photo of my Love and myself at his cousins wedding. My dress is from Forever 21 again. (It seems to be one of my favorite places to get cute clothes this summer.) Sunglasses from TopShop. It was a beautiful wedding and Joel and Fiona not only looked stunning, but also exuded love and happiness.