Sample Sale Contest!

I like to enter contests. Sometimes I win sometimes I don't, but if you don't enter you'll never win. I decided to repost a picture on instagram to win a contest the other day. This particular contest was for money to spend at a sample sale. The sample sale was at The Parker Building, which is a building in Vancouver that houses about 6 wholesaling agencies. (If you don't know what a wholesaling agency is here's a link that has a pretty good explanation.) I ended up winning their contest just for reposting their photo and the prize was $20 to spend at each individual sample sale.
My Mom was in town visiting for a few days, so I brought her with me to the sale. The first agency that we went to sold mostly handbags and jewelry. I ended up finding this really cute nude Mimi and Marge clutch and this silver buckle bracelet. I can't remember the name of the agency, but it was one of the first ones as soon as you walked in the front of the building. I ended up going to a few other agencies as well and got two bright coloured denim shorts (1 for my sister and 1 for me) and a shirt for my mom.
Glasses of the Day are from Aldo

When I was in school for Fashion Merchandising I did an internship at the wholesaling agency Skout. I was really excited to check out what they had for sale as I used to work at their sample sales often. There was a ton of cute pieces, but the one that caught my eye the most was this dress by kai-aakmann. I instantly fell in love. It is such a different design and I don't own anything like it. I love how structured kai-aakmann's collection is for this season and there were a few other really beautiful dresses and shirts that I almost picked up as well. I was awestruck with this dress and you will probably catch me wearing it to a few events in the future.

 As you can tell I'm in love with this dress. My mom and I had so much fun! It was a fantastic sample sale and I want to thank each and every agency for being so generous along with The Parker Building for hosting the sale.