Color Cravings

I haven't had a chance to do an outfit post this week so I will to tell you about my favorite color combinations for Spring/Summer 2013 instead. I think it's blatantly obvious that black and white stripes are in style this season. I know stripes are not a color, but I feel as though I need to talk about them because they are everywhere. Walking down Robson street the window displays are covered in stripes. I'm not going to lie I really enjoy vertical stripes (horizontal not so much) not only because they are ultra slimming, but because they elongate as well. Stripes are also easy to accessorize, there's no need to stick with certain shapes or colors. Go wild.

Some of my other color fascinations of the season are:
Grey on Mint on Gold
Nude and Pink
White on White with Black accessories
This last one goes in my all time favorites folder. I know there's not a specific color combination, but I'm obsessed with  the over sized chambray shirt with white skinny jeans. I also really enjoy that they paired a chunky nude sandal with this look. Let's just call this my favorite "Geek Chic" look that I've come across. It's completed with her big black frames and iPhone in tow.

You're probably wondering why I haven't mentioned Neon colors. I'm saving it for another post so that I can properly express to you my obsession for bright and bold NEON.

Stay Golden.

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