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What I Wore - Saturday Brunch in Aritzia

I went for brunch with my blogger friend Ana last weekend. We have the best conversations that usually consist of the latest Instagram tips & tricks, current events in the influencer world and a bit of gossip. It's hard to not get swept up in the blogosphere and I often feel overwhelmed by all of the things I should be doing. It can be a challenge to remain unfazed by all of the potential hurdles and lack of growth. I've needed to take a step back and remember why I started blogging in the first place. The three main things that keep me going are my love for the blogging community, writing and connecting with others.

With that being said, Ana took some great photos of me after our delicious brunch at Heirloom in my new Aritzia cropped tee. I've become obsessed with it! It's from the Wilfred Free line and is super soft with a fun waist cinching twist on the front. I've been having a lot of fun playing with different styles recently and I'm loving pairing denim on denim and throwing in a bit of 70's flair, hence the old man aviator glasses.

The perfect white tee can be dressed up or down, I think that's why I love them so much. They are super versatile and this style in particular still allows me to feel feminine and show off my curves.

I love vintage styles that have been reworked to look modern. I'm obsessed with this bleached out jean jacket that I picked up at Tiger Alley while visiting in the Okanagan. 

Get the look:

Get the t-shirt I'm wearing here: Aritzia Subah Tee

How do you feel about certain styles making a comeback? I'm personally a huge fan of retro and vintage. Tell me what you think in the comments!

xx Chanel

Blueberry Sour Cream Pie Recipe

Mmmmm pie! You may have noticed a few more than normal food pics popping up on our instagram lately. Why, you might ask? That's because we're super excited to launch a new food section on A Glass of Style! I hope you brought your appetite because it's about to get tasty up in here! 

I've been exploring my newfound passion for cooking and baking and am super excited to not only share it with all of you, but to learn, grow and discover with you all as well. Not every recipe turns out as planned but each crispy cookie, soggy loaf and burnt cake is an opportunity to learn. I hope that here together we can celebrate our successes and laugh at our mistakes! 

So welcome to our new food section! To kick it off I'm sharing my favourite summer pie recipe with you! 

This is the perfect pie for a nice summer occasion. You can serve it warm or chilled and it's delicious either way. If you can manage to save any leftovers, I prefer to eat this pie fresh out of the fridge on day 2.

Who has time to make an entire pie from scratch! I used a prepackaged pie crust mix from Shirriff. It's really easy and helps speed up the process. Just add water and butter! 

Growing up in the Okanagan we always had so much fresh fruit around the house. I never truly appreciated it until I moved away from home. The pie looks so rich with all the blueberries mixed in! For my 2 1/2 cups I used a 600g package of frozen berries. This gave me juuuuust enough for the recipe! 

I always used to be a little sparse on my dusting flour and everything I'd roll out would stick to the counter! It was so frustrating. I've learned the hard way not to skimp out on the flour! Mind you, it still took me two tries to get this crust just right! 

Another trick I used to create perfect lines on top of my pie is a ruler! I took my metal ruler from my desk and cut my strips directly with the ruler's edge. It made for perfect lines and it was pretty easy to get them all more or less the same size. 

And violà! There you have it, a perfect summer pie! Don't be shy to turn on a quick broil to fully cook through the top crust and to caramelize that sugar. I added another quick dusting of sanding sugar to create that perfect pie sparkle (my favourite part ;) ) 

Check out the recipe below! Let us know what your favourite summer pie is in the comments!

xo Em

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All photos are our own!

How to Make Wine at Home with Craft A Brew

Have you ever found yourself sipping on a glass of vino wondering how the heck they turn grape juice into this tasty alcoholic beverage? We had questions of our own until we were gifted these Craft A Brew wine making kits! We were super excited to try making wine and document the process! Not only do the kits make it super easy, but it was also so much fun to do together! We chose the pinot grigio and cabernet sauvignon kits, which make 5 bottles each. Keep reading to see more from our at-home winemaking experience!

This Craft a Brew kit includes everything you need to feel like a wine making pro! Jug, juice, equipment and instructions, the process is user-friendly and super easy to follow along.

One of the first steps is to add some of the contents into the large 1-gallon jug they provided.

Be careful not to spill any of your wine to be!

 Chanel caught me sniffing the oak chips and we couldn't help but giggle. As a sommelier, I smell everything!! I'm always trying to pick up new scents to identify in wines.

We sealed everything up in order to give it a good shake! 

This was a great project to work on together! It was a fun refresher for me to walk through the wine making process.

Finally, we added the oak chips and sealed our wine up for fermentation. Now for the hard part, waiting. The wine must sit and ferment for 30 days before bottling (and drinking)!

We will be updating this post to let you know how we make out after clarifying and bottling our wine. Keep your eyes peeled! 

xo. Em

How to Blog with a Partner

Blogging together has been such an adventure. It has brought us closer, taught us about each other's communication styles, and has helped us to become more business savvy. Working together has been one of the most testing things in our relationship and thankfully we've worked out the kinks. If you're considering starting a blog I would highly recommend it, but there are many things to consider before you start, especially if it's with a partner. Here are my top tips for starting and managing a blog as a team.

Create Goals

Before you begin this journey you will need to define what it is that you want to achieve. Is there a specific audience you want to reach and is there a need for what you're offering? When we first started A Glass of Style two years ago, we decided that our niche was wine and style and we were determined to share our knowledge of these two topics with our audience. To this day our goal is to share style and wine tips, but how we do this has definitely changed over time. Uncover what your goals are and create a roadmap to help you achieve them.

Build your Brand

You've created your goals and hopefully picked your niche, now what is your visual brand identity? This in itself takes time and it's something we often revisit and adjust depending on our objectives. To start you'll want to create your look - pick your color scheme, fonts and brand messaging. Choose a photography style and shape your social media channels around your theme. It's super important to use the same branding across all your channels, make sure you're using the same profile photo and similar messaging in all of your social profiles. That way your audience can easily recognize who you are while scrolling through their feeds on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and more.

Define Roles

This has been the most challenging part of being a team of two, but also extremely helpful. Blogging is a ton of work and splitting the tasks between two people is great if you can make it work. It is super important to talk about where your strengths lie and what you like doing. For us, we each have specific things we take care of - Emily is super creative and I enjoy making connections. Knowing this Emily edits our photos and plan Chanel is the voice behind A Glass of Style on our social platforms (come say hi!). With any job, making sure that we are on the same page is critical and we check in weekly to ensure we're on the right track with our goals. Blogging is also our side hustle and finding time to make sure that all of our tasks are completed would almost be impossible without one another.

Be Consistent

Consistency is key when blogging. Your followers will expect to see your content at a specific time. With Instagram's new algorithm this has become more difficult to master, but the more your followers interact with your content the more it will show up in their feed. It is also important to make sure that your photos and page look uniform. If I land on someone's page that has unique branding, great photography and their page tells a story I am far more likely to follow them. Stay consistent with your photography style and filters that work for your brand and it will make a huge difference.

Steal our looks

If you're considering starting a blog with a team mate it takes dedication, passion and a lot of communication. I hope my tips are helpful in kickstarting your blogging adventure! It's a rewarding journey that I highly recommend.

xo. C

Embrace Change

I don't know about you, but this year upon the turning of spring to summer I found myself craving change. I've been feeling a little static in Vancouver. 

While it's an incredibly beautiful city, I found myself in a position where I seemed to be just existing, not really loving my career and unsure of where my passions lie. 

My time abroad allowed for a shift in perspective for me. It turned the unforeseen future and the unknown, what otherwise would've been scary things for the old Emily, into an exciting opportunity for learning and growth. 

Approaching this new season with this outlook and a desire for something new and exciting, I have decided to move to Calgary. A city that will allow me to explore my passions, try new things, get out of my comfort zone and also be closer to my boyfriend. Don't worry Chanel and I will continue to post as a sister duo but you might see more posts of us individually. A Glass of Style will remain a platform for us to share things we love and keep you updated on the latest trends and travel tips. 

In this post you will read about some of the things that I learned in my three years in Vancouver along with some style shots of Chanel and I. 

Growing up in a small town I never felt fully comfortable wearing what I wanted without people questioning my style choices. Being in a new city with a blank slate I was finally able to come into myself and my own style.

I realized I'm all about what's new and different, pushing boundaries and broadening my horizons. 

It takes all kinds- There's so many different people in this world. Everyone has the ability to teach you something as long as you let them. Human interaction feeds the soul. Don't be afraid and talk to strangers. 

Be authentically you- don't let others dull your shine. Be who you are and wear what you want, no matter what people say or do. 

Don't be afraid of letting go and moving forward. People will come and go in your life and that's okay. As you change and grow relationships and friendships will do the same. 

Make time for the peope who matter to you. I wouldn't be half the person I am today without all of the amazing friends I've made here. 

I'm so thankful for everything Vancouver has given me. Its been an incredible 3 years full of growth and transformation, learning and exploration. Given everything that's happened in the last 3 years, I can't wait to see what the next few have in store for Chanel and I.

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Emily's Outfit Details:
Overalls - Urban Outfitters Vintage Guess
Sweater - Brandy Melville
Shoes - Adidas Originals Superstars
Sunglasses - Joseph Marc Procedure Silver 
Jean Jacket - Vintage Levis hand painted by @kdboiart 

Chanel's Outfit Details:
Jumpsuit - Urban Outfitters
Sandals - Old Navy 
Sunglasses - Joseph Marc Procedure Silver 
Jacket: H&M

Photography by Samantha Sayer 

Eat, See, Do - Maui


Maui is a gorgeous island with fantastic beaches and clear blue water. This was my first trip to Hawaii so I was especially excited to take in the views and activities in Maui. While planning my vacation I had a difficult time finding recommendations of what to do in the area. Upon arriving I quickly realized there were so many things to see and do, just from looking around. 

Here are my tips for what to eat, see and do in Maui!


I was super excited to try a few different dishes in Maui. For most of our meals we cooked in our apartment, but I had a list of recommended things that people said were an absolute "must try." Dole whip, authentic Hawaiian poke and Ululani's shave ice were a few things I wasn't leaving without getting my hands on. 

You can find poke in almost ever supermarket and it is so fresh and delicious! We got ours from Foodland in Kihei and they have an array of different flavours including California roll, which was full of avocado and fresh ahi tuna.

Ululani's shave ice is the best on the island for a reason. They have an array of different flavour combinations and a few different locations on the island. The ice is so soft it's unlike any shave ice that I had as a child. What made it even tastier is adding ice cream and toppings (mochi is my favourite) which I highly recommend!


My favourite thing to do on vacation is to sit on the beach, listen to the waves and people watch. With all of the stretches of beaches, it is super easy to pick a spot and take in the views. My favourite beach was Kamaole I as it wasn't very windy which made the ocean calmer for swimming. There was also a few sea turtles that frequented the waters off the beach! 

In addition to being a beach bum, I would recommend renting a car to check out the surrounding towns. We spent an afternoon shopping Front street in Lahaina and even picked up a fresh coconut to drink from a fruit stand!


If you have ever wanted to hike into a volcano, Haleakala is a must do. While the volcano is dormant the view is beautiful and beyond anything I've ever seen. Most people head up to watch the sunrise or the sunset, which can be hit or miss depending on the weather. The road up the mountain is super windy, so beware if you are susceptible to motion sickness. It's 10,000 feet above sea level so be prepared for a bit of an elevation change, my ears definitely popped on the drive down!

My fear of sharks kept me from snorkelling, but I managed to paddleboard and met a huge sea turtle. There are plenty of snorkelling tours and paddleboard rental companies on the island.

My absolute favourite part of this trip was watching the sunset with a drink in hand.

Have you visited Maui before? Share your favourite things to eat, see or do in the comments below!


What's in My Bag - Travel Edition

I am one of those weird people that enjoy the excitement of airports and find people watching to be fascinating. When I travel I always overpack and usually end up bringing something for every season, you know just in case... My overpacking consists of being prepared for anything, which also includes what I put in my purse for on the plane. I definitely inherited this from my Mom, who always carries the most unexpected things in her purse.

I have started to narrow down what to bring with me on the plane early for this trip. I always end up travelling with a few things, some are essential and some are just my personal preference. I have included some of my absolute favourite things that can make a long flight a little more bearable!

A big bag 

You need something to hold all of your goodies and the right bag will make a huge difference. With all of the lineups and waiting around at the airport, my bag must be comfortable. It also needs to be big enough for a refillable water bottle and all the other stuff I lug with me. I have been using this purse I purchased at Nordstrom about a year ago and it has been the perfect size for everyday use and for travelling.

Water bottle

I'm not joking when I say I'm obsessed with my Swell water bottle. It is so well insulated that it keeps things cold (or hot) for HOURS. I'm always shocked when I take a drink out of it to realize my water is still cold. They also come in really cute patterns, I have a white one and a gold one.

Headphones & portable charger

I just came across this Adrienne Vittadini Studio Charging Wristlet Wallet at Winners and it is the perfect travel wallet. Not only does it have slots for your cards, but it also has a portable charger built right in! I'm excited to give it a spin on my flight. Don't forget to bring your headphones for in-flight entertainment or to listen to tunes!

Reading material

Normally I grab a trashy magazine for my flights, but I have really enjoyed getting lost in a good book lately. I enjoy starting a book on the plane and then it becomes what I read on the beach as well.  I have yet to read anything by Mary Kay Andrews, but I recently picked up The Weekenders: A Novel and can't wait to open it!

Saje Pocket Pharmacy

I'm a huge believer in natural products. I offer up my Peppermint Halo to anyone that says they have a headache (I swear it's magic). I carry the Saje Pocket Pharmacy with me everywhere and the Stress Release comes particularly in handy when travelling becomes stressful.

Some of my other items you'll find in my bag are:

Chewing gum
Granola bars
Eye drops
Hand lotion

Don't forget to add all your favourite music to offline mode and more importantly your passport! 

What do you like to bring with you when you travel? 
Tell us in the comments below!

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